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InvestMS for Startups

InvestMS provides equity investments to Mississippi-based startups from Pre-Seed to Series A stages, powered by Innovate Mississippi.

InvestMS for Startups

InvestMS provides equity investments to Mississippi-based startups from Pre-Seed to Series A stages, powered by Innovate Mississippi.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always on the lookout for new applications and we review them regularly. You can apply anytime without worrying about a fixed deadline.

InvestMS has specific SSBCI requirements for startups seeking a capital investment match. To be eligible, a startup must have at least one committed investor who has yet to close on their commitment with a minimum investment of $50,000. According to SSBCI compliance guidelines, InvestMS can match funds that are closed within a 90-day window. By “closed,” we mean the date on which the signed closing documents are exchanged with your investors, which starts the 90-day window, and then money is transferred after the signed documents.  

Startups that are seeking investment through InvestMS are required to comply with the SEC guidelines for their current round. Each startup can determine the duration of its investment round. Our team at InvestMS will assess the round terms and request investor documentation to verify the round timeline and all investments in the round to ensure that the match qualifies for investment and to maintain compliance with SEC guidelines. 

Startups interested in InvestMS funds should wait until they receive confirmation from the InvestMS team that their application has been received and they have met with the InvestMS team before signing and receiving the investment capital that will qualify as the match from lead investors or co-investors. The typical investment process period for InvestMS is 90 days. InvestMS prefers that all investments close together with the InvestMS match capital. 

Please complete our Intake Form before applying for the InvestMS Fund or Seed Fund.  Our investment team will be in touch to guide you through the process, which can take a few weeks to several months depending on various factors.

We will evaluate applications against InvestMS guidelines set by the State of Mississippi and US Treasury. In addition to evaluating the company’s viability, we assess its industry focus, proof points, team expertise, and go-to-market strategy.

The State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), which has been expanded and reauthorized through the American Rescue Plan Act, will be provided with $10 billion by the US Treasury. This fund will help small businesses to access the capital they need to invest in job-creating opportunities. The initiative will provide financial support to states, the District of Columbia, territories, and Tribal governments to promote American entrepreneurship, support small business ownership, and democratize access to capital across the country, including in underserved communities. For more information about the program, including detailed guidelines and requirements, please visit the SSBCI website.

InvestMS capital will be invested into Mississippi-located businesses, defined as a business that is registered to do business in Mississippi with the Mississippi  Secretary of State and (1) Headquartered or (2) Majority of C-Suite employees in Mississippi or (3) Majority of employees in Mississippi or (4) Majority of growth from this investment in Mississippi. A company’s street address is required in their application. Companies receiving capital from InvestMS must remain located in Mississippi for 24 months after receiving funds.

Review our full FAQ page before submitting an investment application.

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